Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quick postscript on the Varavon Multi Finder

I’ve now had a chance to ‘play around’ with the Varavon, which on my 5D3, with a 24-105mm F/4L, looks like this:

My initial impressions have not really changed: the Varavon is a great tool if you rely on Live View, as I do as a Magic Lantern shooter.

So far I have only come across one ‘downside’, and that is the Varavon, although robust, is still manufactured from plastic, as well as metal parts. And, as with all plastic parts, you do get an impression that things could break if you are heavy handed. Thus, I just need to take care when switching between view modes, as this is when you need to move some of the plastic parts.

As far as the ‘good’, the clarity one gets, irrespective of the sunshine, is fantastic, with or without the eye piece.

Another killer benefit is the ability to realise critical focus. Even without ML functionality, ie using ‘just’ Canon LV focusing, the ability, at a magnification of 10, to clearly see your focus is a godsend.

If you then add in ML’s depth of field reporting, with diffraction correction, you have, IMHO, one of the best, in-camera, focus control set ups around.

Finally, as promised, I just found out that my still life image, Fallen, was well placed in this month’s photo competition at our Camera Club. The scoring used is up to five points each, against; composition, impact and technique: for a maximum of score of 15. My submission received a score of 15 and was placed 2nd, ie the judge ‘preferred’ another image that also scored 15. The judge correctly commented that I should be ‘careful with masking’: when I submitted the image I was pushed for time and I was aware one of my masks was far from perfect - so a good catch by the judge there.

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