Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sony: tries to catch up with Magic Lantern

There has been a lot of hype in the last week or so on the 'incredible' Sony touchless shutter app, that exploits the viewfinder properties to allow the user to trigger the camera by bringing their hand close to the view finder:

Of course as an Magic Lantern power user I've had this feature for a while...and more :-)

Assuming I'm on a tripod, eg shooting a landscape; I simply switch on motion detection, under the shoot menu, choose expo change, trigger level 8, detect size large and, say, a 1s delay.

I then switch the power user mode, ie Live View, which allows ML to give you a very rich set of information.

I compose, and in LV, use the depth of field feedback, now with diffraction correction thanks to yours truly, to set the focus. BTW as long as you keep the depth of field feedback white (and don't let it go orange) you are assured the best information on depth of field.

I then press SET to get an ETTR exposure setting. Then the ML magic happens: sorry Sony you are late to the party :-)

I simply wave my hand in front of the lens to trigger the capture in an touchless manner.

Once again, ML outshines all others.

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