Saturday, March 14, 2015

Changing your Perspective

Although Photoshop CC provides a very impressive foundation for post processing, there is always space for a few plug-ins.

In previous posts I have mentioned some of my ‘go to’ plug-ins, eg Color-Efex Pro 4 and Fixel Contrastica; in this post I suggest another ‘go to’ plug-in: DxO Lab’s ViewPoint 2.

Although you can shift perspective in Photoshop, DxO VP2 provides you a really powerful plug-in for PS and lR; and it’s on offer at the moment at $49:

There are several good videos on line on how to use VP2, eg

So what can you achieve?

These two images ( RAW plus processed) show the 
power of DxO VP2 to help you ‘shift perspective’. The images were both taken at a shutter speed of 25 seconds.

Bottom line: I can recommend DxO ViewPoint 2 as a great adjunct to PS and LR.

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