Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Repurposing and the A6000

In previous posts I have discussed how the mirrorless format gives the DSLR shooter a chance to make good use of Canon (or Nikon) lenses, via the use of an adapter. But there is more ‘repurposing’ that can be done.

Although A6000 comes with a puny on-camera flash, it also has a Sony multi-interface hot shoe. However, when you first try to use this with, say, your Canon external flash (a 580 EXII in my case) nothing happens: the Canon flash will not fire.

A quick internet search leads to the solution. Sony, in their wisdom, put paint over the hot shoe, but only on the black A6000. This paint layer stops the non-Sony external flash from grounding/earthing. The solution, simply remove the paint:

Once the hot shoe establishes a good earth with the Canon (or Nikon) external flash (or a radio trigger) you can use your DLSR flashes with the A6000, abeit only in manual mode. Here’s the proof; a snap I just took at taken at 1/160s using the 580 EXII mounted to the A6000.

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