Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Camera = New (Cheap) Tools

This will be a short post and only of potential value to those with a Sony A6000 or another Sony Nex-like camera.
The A6000 comes with a small pop-up flash and a multi-function hot shoe (where you could mount an external flash unit or another accessory. 

The multifunction hot shoe comes with no protection and as a precaution I decided to buy a hot shoe cover from Amazon:
As for the in-built flash, this appears OK with a wide-angle (stubby) lens. However, if you have a longer Sony lens fitted or an adapter with another manufacture’s lens, you can/will get a shadow. Here is an example of such a shadow with my 24-105 F/4L Canon lens fitted to the A6000, ie an out of focus picture of my carpet!

To minimise the shadow effect and provide other flash bounce options, I also purchased this simple bounce kit from Amazon:

As you can see, fitting the clear bounce card reduces/eliminates the 24-105mm lens shadow.

I will post more ‘tips and tricks’ as I get to know more about my A6000.

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