Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas comes early this year

Having converted my 50D to IR, I find myself with a ‘gap’ in my photography bag. That is between the ‘heavyweight’ 5DIII and the ‘flyweight’ S95. That is (5D vs S95) 23.38 Mpix vs 10.42 Mpix; 24 x 36 mm vs 5.7 x 7.6 mm; 6.1 micron pixel pitch vs 2 microns; focal point multiplier of 1 vs 4.50; etc etc etc.
I have been toying with the idea of a mirrorless 4/3 camera system for some time; and, of late, my attention has been drawn to one player: Sony. 

Sony seems, to me at least, to be more innovative (and affordable) than others in the mirrorless world, for example their new full-frame Alpha 7 Mk II, with a 5 axis stabilisation system built into the sensor!

So, after many hours trying to carry out a compare and contrast analysis, I decided to opt for the highly customisable, APS-C (crop 1.5) Sony A6000…and it arrived today!

Initially, to get me up and running in the mirrorless world, I went for the 16-50mm kit lens (shown above), augmented with the Sony 18-200mm lens. I threw in a couple of extra (Chinese) batteries, as the A6000 battery life is not considered brilliant, as well as a couple of lens adapters. 

One adapter (the Vizelex ND Throttle Lens Mount Adapter from Fotodiox Pro) to give me as rear mounted ND 2-10 ND capability, but limited/no lens control, and a Signstek adapter that ‘should’ allow the A6000 to communicate with my Canon lenses!

That’s it for now: no more time to blog, only time to play! In future posts I will explain why I went for the A6000; why I think 'augmenting' my Canon inventory is a sound decision; and, of course, some feedback on my new 'toy'...sorry tool !

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