Sunday, August 10, 2014

More experiments with IR

One advantage of living here in New Mexico is that the photons just rain down! Thus, at midday, when most photographers are running indoors and waiting for the evening sunsets, I’m out there with my IR converted 50D.

There was a custom car show this week at the Route 66 Casino, just outside Albuquerque, and the sun was bright: perfect for IR photography.

I’m still perfecting my settings, however, I tend to rely on Magic Lantern for the exposure and that means using Auto-ETTR. Focusing is a little more complicated, although it is made simpler by shooting at 10mm, ie it’s difficult to get an out of focus shot at this focal length.

As for post processing, I tend to create a ‘flat’ image in Lightroom, ie lower contrast, and fix the white and black points. Then to Silver Efex Pro II to look for that black and white vision.

The three images below are single captures, ie no bracketing, and finished off with the workflow above. Although with the third one I tried a different look.

I hope you enjoy them.

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