Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The beginning

Although I am late to blogging, this blog is my humble attempt to bolster the number of active blogs by one!

Let me be clear at the outset, I am mainly going to use this blog for two reasons. First, as part of my own cathartic development process as a photographer, eg following the ‘what you write down you better understand’ philosophy; and secondly as a way of sharing my photographic developments with friends, many of whom, like me, are passionate about photography.

Whether this blog will be worth ‘following’ is not for me to say. Clearly, if you are into photography, especially if you are, like me, trying to develop your craft and artistry, then this blog may be worth looking at, as I intend to post on a broad array of photography subjects, including talking about my mistakes or ‘learning opportunities’!

Also, if you are a Canon shooter, like me, then this blog may hold some value for you, as I have spent, and continue to spend, hours learning the inner ‘secrets’ of photography using Canon’s equipment. By the way, my inventory covers the following systems: G11, S95, 50D and 5DMkIII. And my lenses go from 10mm (for the APS-C 50D only) to 500mm. And, of course, more camera bags than I could usefully use!

As for ‘what turns me on’? I love technology, so I have a lot of ‘stuff, including, from a software perspective, the new Adobe Creative Cloud suite (I originally had CS6). I also have a lot of plug-ins, which I intend to write about in future posts, as we ‘make’ a final image mainly through post processing, especially if we capture in RAW, as I do 100%.

As for photographic style, I really don’t have one (yet), although like many I am drawn to experimenting with capturing high dynamic range (HDR) brackets and seeking a natural look to the resultant image, ie I favour HDR as a tool to grab the ‘best’ photons and not as a ‘style’.

I am still, however, rather like a young child in a toy shop, running in all directions and being diverted by the ‘bright shinny things’ in the store. I still need to focus better (pun intended) my photographic passion: and I hope this blog will help me.

As this is my first post I will bring things to a rather abrupt conclusion, rather than rambling on; although I will say that it is my intention to post on a regular (weekly) basis and, it goes without saying, I welcome feedback.

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